Fabrication additive : Stratasys au salon Composite Europe


This year’s Composites Europe (22-24th September, Stuttgart, Germany) will see leading 3D printing provider, Stratasys demonstrate how its additive manufacturing technology is transforming the face of manufacturing within the aerospace and automotive sectors. Showcasing a spectrum of prototype and production-parts, … Lire la suite

Fabrication additive : les atouts de Magics

Did you know that the Sagrada Familia uses Magics to prepare the prototypes for Barcelona’s grand cathedral? That Magics helped the American Mythbusters team to produce Homer Simpson’s head for one of their stunts? And that the owner of a luxury yacht needed Magics to print a four-meter long, two-meter tall jaguar for the yacht’s bow? Magics, leading software for Additive Manufacturing platform preparation, has convinced customers all around the world.

All these people have successfully achieved their goals with 3D Printing technology, because they had the right tools. All these people have one thing in common. They used Magics, a straightforward software package which allowed them to prepare their data and edit STL files. Whether you do business in the architectural, automotive, aeronautic, medical or other industries, with Magics your 3D Printing plans are no longer out of reach.

Why would I choose Magics?
  • Save money and reduce waste material through in-depth part analysis
  • Bring projects to life by making complex projects printable
  • Optimize part orientation for improved surface quality or material usage
  • Edit the files with advanced tools
  • Print large parts on a small platform and accurately assemble them with Magics’ advanced cutting tools with integrated connector pins
  • Save time with user-friendly platform preparation


Discover the benefits yourself!