Fabrication additive : la plus grande machine EBM du marché

Selon TCT, le fournisseur de solutions de fabrication additive par faisceau d’électrons Sciaky lancera cette automne la plus grande machine du marché.

Informations :

Chicago based pioneer in additive manufacturing welding solutions Sciaky, have announced the commercial launch of one of the world’s largest 3D printers.

Available for purchase this September, their large-scale electron beam additive manufacturing systems have been at the forefront of the industry producing metal prototypes up to 19 feet in length.

Sciaky’s AM process remains the only large-scale, fully programmable means of achieving near-net shape parts from materials such as tantalum, titanium, stainless steel and Inconel with minimal distortion and only minor post-production machining required.

The build envelope on the machines can reach up to 19’ x 4’ x 4’ (L x W x H) opening up the possibility for manufacturers to create large metal structures and has been a key driver in various aerospace research and development projects including the U.S. Air Force and Boeing.

Sciaky’s exclusive process had previously only been available as a service-only option to manufacturers requiring large-scale prototypes. Some of their work includes AM solutions for cavities in high-energy physics, military components and transmission gears in automotive technology.

The process promises virtually no waste for manufacturers and could significantly reduce costs, lead times and machining time, in comparison with other traditional manufacturing methods.

General manager of Sciaky, Inc, Mike Riesen, said: “Manufacturers, for the first time, will be able to utilise Sciaky’s revolutionary additive manufacturing technology to produce production parts and prototypes in their own facility. The possibilities are endless.



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