IMTS 2014 : Nano servo drive

 Elmo Motion Control, will exhibit its flagship Gold Twitter, the smallest, high-power servo drive on the market today at Industrial Automation North America (IANA) at IMTS in Chicago, Booth E-4971, September 8-13, 2014.

Weighing at just 18 grams (less than 1 ounce), and less than 13 cm3 in volume, the Gold Twitter delivers up to 4000W of qualitative power, ultra high current of 50A/100V with advanced servo capabilities and support for EtherCAT and CANopen fieldbus communication standards for deployment in any industrial application.  Gold Twitter is compliant with international safety and EMC standards.

The Gold Twitter is an excellent solution for applications that require extremely high servo performance but are limited in space. In addition, the Gold Twitter is mountable, thus ensuring high servo performance and savings in hardware and cabling.

Based on the premise that “the best way to dissipate heat is not to generate it in the first place,” the Gold Twitter incorporates Elmo’s proprietary FASST (Fast and Soft Switching Technology) resulting in >99% efficiency with negligible EMI.

“I’m proud of Elmo’s ingenuity and innovation.  I am not aware of any servo drive in the industry that approaches the Gold Twitter’s power and size density,” said John McLaughlin, Manager of Elmo USA.

Elmo will also be debuting at IMTS, the superb Gold Drum HV, a compact high voltage servo drive that delivers up to 65000W of continuous power and runs optimally on any servo motor, supporting  “any feedback” sensor in single, dual and gantry loop configurations.

Easily set up and tuned using Elmo Application Studio II (EASII) software, the Gold Twitter, Gold Drum HV, and Elmo’s product line of Gold servo drivers operate as a single or multi-axis control solution in a distributed configuration real-time network.

Elmo recently released its free advanced online EASII Experience RPS system providing users with the ability to build and practice advance servo control, multi-axis solutions and EtherCAT networking. It allows building up a complete application online with no need to purchase or install any hardware or operating system.


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