Fabrication additive : les applications médicales

Additive Manufacturing Medical, Bioprinting and Drug Discovery
July 27-29, 2015 | Boston, MA


Finally, an event that faces your additive manufacturing challenges head on, and is filled with first hand case studies from your industry peers. The 2nd Additive Manufacturing Medical, Bioprinting and Drug Discovery event is focused on the latest technical advancements currently utilized within the industry, along with providing you the groundbreaking research driving innovative processes.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge conversations on emerging technologies, applications, and solutions required to stay up-to-date in the marketplace.

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Topic Highlights for 2015 Include:

  • FDA technical perspectives on additive manufacturing for the medical industry; initial printing design, printing, and post printing operations
  • Standardizing print finishing steps, verification of final procedures that will successfully meet unique specifications
  • Design considerations for successful additive manufacturing of implantable and non implantable medical devices
  • Challenges of validation and verification of printed devices; metrics behind destructive vs non-destructive testing methods
  • Orthopedic perspective; limitations and considerations for structural design aspects of medical devices
  • Best practices for materials management from selection to storage; key considerations for handling that can effect performance capability

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Featured Speakers Include:
  • Brent Mitchell, Research Engineer,Stryker
  • Lauralyn Mcdanielm, Industry Manager, Medical Device Manufacturing SME
  • Markus Reiterer, Senior Principle, Scientist, Medtronic PLC
  • Mitchell Klausner,President, Mattek Corporation
  • Brian Mclaughlin, Additive Manufacturing Business Unit Manager, Disanto Technology
  • Jayanthi Parthasarathy, B.D.S., M.S., PhD, Director of Engineering, MedCAD
  • Matthew DiPrima, Ph.D., Materials Scientist,U.S Food and Drug Administration

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Exclusive Complimentary Past Presentations
Additive Manufacturing in Advanced Medical Technology

  • Product requirements
  • Challenges in new material and process development
  • The Design Cycle

Harry Klenjien, Philips Healthcare

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ASD Sample Report 3D Bioprinting Market, 2014-2030

Since 2011, interest in the 3D bioprinting technology has witnessed a huge growth: academic and research institutes across the world have set up their laboratories for extensive research in this area. Many have already been successful in producing innovative bioprinters that can print varied types of cells, ranging from fibroblasts to stem cells.

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Website: www.AdditiveManufacturingMedical.com

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