Fabrication additive : le contrôle en 3D

In-situ process monitoring is one of the strategic technology areas of Concept Laser, and is one which the machine manufacturer is now expanding to include the QMmeltpool 3D for three-dimensional real-time monitoring. The LaserCUSING process is a highly dynamic one because of the high scanning speeds and significant laser outputs; it is influenced by a wide variety of process factors. In challenging areas such as medical technology, automotive as well as aerospace, the safety requirements are strict and high quality is a prerequisite. QMmeltpool 3D supplies quality-relevant data in real time for process monitoring and documentation. The system records position-related characteristics of the melt pool while the component is being built up (Figure 3). This data can be visualized in a three-dimensional landscape, and analyzed by the user. According to information from the manufacturer, the analytical tool is comparable to the HD resolution achieved by computer tomography (CT).


Informations : PR-Concept Laser-QMmeltpool 3D-7-2015-Final_EN


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