Machine-outil allemande : une croissance de 1% en 2016

For 2016, the German machine tool
industry is cautiously optimistic. “We’re expecting moderate growth of 1
per cent in 2016,” says Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Prokop, Chairman of the VDW
(German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), speaking at the organisation’s
annual press conference in Frankfurt am Main.

This prognosis is based on capital investment from the major customer
sectors, global figures for machine tool consumption, and finally the order
bookings at Germany’s machine tool manufacturers.

For the investments, Oxford Economics, the VDW’s forecasting partner, was
in the autumn of last year expecting a global increase of 4 per cent. The
principal drivers are traditionally the automotive industry, followed by
the electrical engineering and electronics industries, metal product
manufacturers, and the mechanical engineering sector. Machine tool
consumption is predicted to rise by 4.2 per cent. Europe tops the rankings
here (plus 4.6 per cent), closely followed by Asia (plus 4.5 per cent) and
America (plus 2.5 per cent).

Order bookings at German machine tool manufacturers, an indicator for
medium-term business activity, showed a moderate rise of 1 per cent in
2015, to reach 14.9 billion euros. Production output and order bookings are
thus settling at approximately the same level.

During the first three quarters of 2015 Asia and Europe ordered 4 and 3 per
cent more German machine tools respectively than in the previous year.
Orders from China, which account for around a quarter of the total, were
down again, this time by 8 per cent. This shows that the restructuring
process in the Middle Kingdom will remain an issue for quite a long time to
come. Nonetheless China remains important due to the sheer size of its
market alone – the country is responsible for one-third of international
machine tool consumption.

Informations : waschzettel_2016-02-15_eng


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