Pour vérifier les processus de fabrication Industrie 4.0

camLine GmbH is specialized in developing solutions for manufacturing excellence. The software company launches the new Release 5.5 of its LineWorks RM recipe management system. This is an IT infrastructure solution for the shop floor. Manufacturers need to uniquely identify entire production processes. These are assembled by a sequence of many single processes. Contract manufacturing in small batches leads to a significantly growing number of those. In addition, their process specifications may constantly change. Due to this diversity and dynamics, the collection of accurate process flows is a particular challenge for agile manufacturing. By comparison, the registration of salable products and manufacturing equipment is easy during manufacture using a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). A recipe management system supports an MES by assuming the task to verify correct process definitions. Their proof can have far-reaching consequences for the manufacturers with respect to their future competitiveness. The management of process changes and their traceability is associated with many business processes.


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