Le marché 2016 du laser fibre

Fiber Lasers: Market Review and Forecast 2016
LEDs in Lighting ApplicationsThe first fiber laser created was credited to Elias Snitzer, who created the device in the early 1960s, which makes the fiber laser one of the oldest types in existence. The optical fiber laser amplifier would eventually go on to start the communications revolution in the 1970s.

Today, there are many dozens of companies making fiber lasers in one form or another. Many of these fiber lasers are low-power, ultrafast lasers for scientific and other uses. Others are used for marking, and a smaller, but still large number, are high-power lasers used for cutting, welding, additive manufacturing, or military applications.

As to their wavelengths, fiber lasers now are available in most any wavelength, maybe second only to diode lasers. A limiting factor in wavelengths is the fiber itself, as fibers are not available for all wavelengths; however, availability for more wavelengths has increased in recent years, and more choices mean more fiber laser applications. Fiber lasers are available from the UV range well into the mid-IR range.

Overall, fiber lasers continue to displace other types of lasers because they are usually cheaper, more power efficient, and require less maintenance.

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