Foire de Hanovre 2017 : les prix des innovations robotiques

The winning entry is the IPS ROBOT OPTIMIZATION software solution submitted by fleXstructures GmbH – an entry which illustrates the vast potential of advanced simulation technology for industrial use. This solution is targeted primarily at helping automotive manufacturers to gain a competitive edge by programming and commissioning their robot cells faster and more flexibly.  By simulating millions of potential robot path combinations, IPS ROBOT OPTIMIZATION coordinates movement paths and sequences across multiple robots so as to maximize efficiency and avoid collisions. The simulations also optimize movement paths to ensure maximum service life for the flexible hoses and lines attached to the robots.


Second place went to Mayser GmbH & Co. KG for its ultrasonic machine safety sensor system designed to safeguard personnel in collaborative human/robot environments. The product has been tested and certified for personnel safety applications in machine environments. The ultrasonic sensors generate an elliptical ultrasonic field which can accurately gauge distances of up to 200 cm and issue warnings by detecting persons or objects at distances of up to
250 cm. The product can thus be used for cobot tool and workpiece safety, and for protecting people from sharp or rotating objects.


Third place went to eta|opt GmbH for its vacuum generator for industrial robotic handling applications. The device doesn’t require any compressed air system, and instead uses a bellows vacuum pump. A piston driven by an electromechanical linear actuator compresses and releases a bellows which is connected to a hose. The other end of the hose can be connected to any standard vacuum gripper attachment. When the bellows is released, it generates a vacuum inside the hose and all the way down to the gripper.


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