IMTS 2018 : les innovations de Sandvik

 The theme for Sandvik Coromant at IMTS 2018 (10-15 September, Chicago, USA) will be ‘Shaping the Future Together’, which represents the engineering solutions and technical expertise available to help customers overcome current and future machining challenges. Of specific focus will be solutions for turning and digital machining that have been designed to increase operational efficiencies. These innovations are already helping manufacturers around the world to improve cycle times and parts per run, while decreasing machine downtime, eliminating duplicate work and reducing scrap.


In the spotlight at IMTS will be the company’s Turning Reinvented concept, which encompasses products devised for the factory of the future. These products, which are available today, include the new CoroCut® QD Y-axis parting solution and the innovative PrimeTurning™ strategy.


CoroCut QD for parting-off in the Y axis boosts stability during cutting and realigns the cutting force by feeding in the Y direction to improve productivity and surface quality, all while reducing noise levels. The top face of the insert is placed parallel to the end of the blade, rotating the insert seat 90° counterclockwise. As a result, the blade cuts its way into the workpiece with its front end, which aligns the resultant vector of cutting forces with the longitudinal axis of the blade.


PrimeTurning includes the introduction of two dedicated CoroTurn® Prime inserts and the PrimeTurning code generator, which supplies optimized programming codes and techniques. CoroTurn Prime inserts have three edges per corner; one edge each for longitudinal, facing and profiling, thus distributing the wear over a longer edge and not just the insert tip. What’s more, this design moves heat away from the cutting zone, helping inserts to last substantially longer.


Sandvik Coromant’s digital solutions, which are designed for smarter machining and workshop efficiency, will also be showcased at IMTS 2018. Solutions include CoroPlus® ToolGuide, which provides quick and accurate tool recommendations based on a given task and material type. In addition, CoroPlus ToolLibrary allows users to integrate tool assemblies directly into their digital machining environment. Both solutions are available for download from the Sandvik Coromant website as online or offline versions.


CoroPlus ProcessControl permits customers to improve the control of machining process through the impl

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