Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) 2019

SEMI announced today that the Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) 2019 will take place January 6-9 at Half Moon Bay’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel with the theme “Golden Age of the Semiconductor: Enabling the Next Industrial Revolution.” ISS is the year’s first executive check-in, bringing together leading analysts, researchers, economists, and technologists for insights on the forces impacting the semiconductor industry. The annual symposium offers executives a unique platform for identifying growth opportunities and gaining industry intelligence to help them ensure that their business plans and forecasts are based on up-to-the-minute market conditions. Registration for ISS 2019 is now open.


Major developments are transforming the extended supply chain — artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent vehicles, augmented and virtual reality, and seemingly limitless connectivity within the cloud. Collaboration across an expanding ecosystem and advanced technical innovations are giving rise to advanced electronics that continue to raise performance and power-consumption requirements and drive heterogenous integration.

“It can be hard to lead to where you’ve not been, particularly at this most dynamic time in business,” said David Anderson, president of SEMI Americas. “Executives from across the supply chain historically have asked for this timely ISS program in order to gauge what the year ahead looks like. To help management get the very latest picture, and to compare notes to most confidently tune their operations and sales, ISS is a tremendous level set for the new year.”

ISS 2019 is the first of seven conferences comprising SEMI’s inaugural Technology Leadership Series of the Americas. Aligned from coast to coast over one year, the series is designed to foster critical discussions on the short- and long-term influences and opportunities to the $2 trillion emerging markets.

ISS 2019 highlights include:


  • Dr. Jo de Boeck, chief strategy officer at IMEC, will share how nanotechnology’s “magic” will enable advanced applications for SMART mobility, SMART cities, infotainment and healthcare
  • Dr. Ann Kelleher, senior vice president for the technology and manufacturing group at Intel
  • Jim Talent, former U.S. Senator, will discuss the evolving U.S.-China strategic relationship

Economic trends and market perspectives affecting the chip industry

  • Executives and economists from Harvard Kennedy School, Gartner, Hilltop Economics, Linx, Amazon, Bank of America, Rockwell Automation, Ericsson, Selexis, Enthought and VLSI Research

Technology, manufacturing and industrial revolution discussions

  • Executives and CTOs from Google, TEL, Micron, Intel Labs, Applied Materials, Xperi, McKinsey, DECA Technologies, Carbon and Brewer Science

For more information about ISS, click here.


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